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Professional services and business advice.

'Knowledge and Expertise'

  • Expertise in superannuation - including self managed superannuation and working with self-funded retirees
  • Retirement Planning - including superannuation and pension income stream and transition to retirement advice
  • Investment analysis and portfolio construction
  • Investment of funds for foundations and benevolent institutions requiring specific outcomes where there are ethical considerations, as well as strategic investment outcomes
  • Strategic advice in relation to complex areas of investment
  • Wealth Creation - including advice on direct equities and gearing
  • Personal Risk Management
  • Estate Planning - Assisting high net worth individuals and families to put into place tax effective asset protection strategies - ensuring assets will be maintained in families for generations
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Redundancy and Retrenchment Consulting

Be well advised

Having an AdviceIQ partner as your financial adviser, means you will be receiving the attention and services of well qualified, experienced financial professionals, overseeing your ongoing financial guidance. This means you can focus on living your life to the full knowing you are well advised.

Have a Plan

Explore your future! What does it hold for you? What adventures await? Is it the great outdoors, travel to fascinating destinations, sport, the arts, nurturing the mind and soul? What is waiting in your future? So many questions. This is where the plan starts.

Of course, your plan probably began some time ago. We know that when you walk in our door, we aren't the ones to enlighten you on the possibilities of life. But we can assist you in establishing your lifestyle and financial priorities by understanding you future objectives. At this point we will create a strategy that meets your criteria.

A Well Constructed Strategy

Your strategy encompasses many important aspects of your life. It is heavily influenced by your personal circumstances, your needs, your wants, your goals and your lifestyle objectives. Central to this for investment clients, is your risk profile. Your adviser will take you through a process to establish your level of comfort with various degrees of investment volatility. You may be very conservative or at the other end of the spectrum, highly growth oriented and risk tolerant. There are also many variations in between. Other important considerations which your adviser will take into account in designing your strategy include taxation modelling and your cash flow needs.

Review Regularly

After implementing your strategy, it goes without saying, that the more you want your money to grow, the longer it needs to remain invested. That said it is essential to regularly review your lifestyle objectives because things do change over time. This is the most important aspect of a sound, long term investment strategy - ensuring that it has the capability to continually meet your needs as your circumstances change with time.

Judgement and Patience

The optimal financial plan for you will be a combination of sound investment and financial strategy - including tax considerations. It will provide the level of exposure to income and growth assets that you are comfortable with. Ultimately, if you have planned and saved strongly over time, with the appropriate timeframe and a regularly reviewed strategy, the probability you will achieve your objectives is strong.

Sound ongoing advice, together with the right financial decisions along the way, is critical to achieving targeted financial outcomes.